2002 Somaliland Local Elections Integrity Watch Committee

(paper produced by the Academy for Peace & Development, Hargeisa)



The Integrity Watch Committee consists of members from civil society who are committed to fair, free, and peaceful elections in Somaliland.  Appointed by the Election Commission in consultation with the political Organizations, the Integrity Watch Committee has no legal mandate or status.  Hence, its findings or recommendations are not legally binding on any person or organization including the Election Commission, the political Organizations, and the Government on Somaliland. 


However, the Integrity Watch Committee will present its findings and recommendations to the Election Commission which, if it deems necessary, can act on these findings and recommendations with all the legal authority given to it by law.  In addition, the Integrity Watch Committee will take the steps described in the two Codes of Conduct concerning on the one hand the agreements between political Organizations and on the other the agreements between the Election Commission and the political Organizations.


In short, the Integrity Watch Committee will serve as a supporting body from civil society that will continually evaluate opportunities for and threats to free, fair, and peaceful election in Somaliland.  The Committee will also help instil in civil society a sense of participation, empowerment, and ownership in the election process.  In addition, the Integrity Watch Committee will monitor infringements of the two Codes of Conduct developed by the Election Commission and the political Organizations.


Qualification of Members

1.              Persons appointed to the Integrity Watch Committee are not members of political Organizations;

2.              Persons in the Integrity Watch Committee will maintain strict neutrality to the competing political Organizations;

3.              By reputation and record in society, the members have the intellectual, social, and political capacity to carry out their assigned function of serving as observers and evaluators of integrity in the election process;

4.              The Committee will consist of no more than eleven members and it will have requisite representation in the six regions of Somaliland.


Functions of the Committee

The Integrity Watch Committee will assist and support the Election Commission in continually evaluating opportunities and threats to fair, free, and peaceful election in Somaliland.  Specifically, the Committee

1.              Will monitor and evaluate to the extent political Organizations remain true to the Code of Conduct they are expected to develop for the election process and results;

2.              Will monitor financial and personnel resources of the political Organizations and ensure that they consistent with the goal of free, fair, and peaceful elections in Somaliland;

3.              Will monitor the language and behaviour of political Organizations to ensure that all political Organizations carry out their campaigns in ways that advance free, fair, and peaceful elections in Somaliland;

4.              Will investigate complaints and process these complaints following the steps stated in the Codes of Conducts.


Supervision and Organization

To reduce the work load on the Election Commission and to advance civil society participation, the members of Committee will have institutional linkage with Academy for Peace and Development which will provide the members of the Committee training, supervision, management, and secretarial support. 



The Members of the Committee were reported ( as being the following prominent members of the Somaliland civil Society:

1.         Dr.Xuseen Bulxan (Chairman of the Academy of Peace & Develeopment)
2.         C/Raxmaan C/Laahi Jaamac
3.         C/Raxmaan Yuusuf Cartan
4.         Maxamed Ibraahim Warsame (Hadraawi)
5.         Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac (Gaariye)
6.         Dr.Aadan Yuusuf Abokor
7.         Rashiid Sh.C/Laahi
8.         S.Maxamed Cumar Dirir
9.         Sh.Mustafe Xaaji Ismaacil Harun
10.       Sh.Ismaaciil Hurre(Ismaacil Dheeg)
11.       Ismahaan Cabdi Salaan
12.       Aamina Maxamed (Amina Milgo)
13.       Cabdi Yuusuf Ducaale(boobe)